Étiquette | Brand Identity

Complete brand strategy, design and on-going creative direction for Australian jewellery label Étiquette

Simplicity is all in the details. It forces you to make your point. Keeps you honest. Bold shapes and clean lines all denote something true of those who appreciate them. Our search began for that which spoke volumes over flashy extras. We craved the bespoke over manufactured. The imperfect over polished. Timeless over the short-lived. The result; a collection of silver rings for men and women that encapsulate our taste for aesthetics. Designed with Scandinavian influence and hand-crafted in South Africa, our silver wears you – be it a once in a while occasion or just going about your day, every Étiquette piece lives a life of its own, accentuating who you are, emphasising what you represent. Simple, yet significant. For us, it’s an ethos to live by.

Creative Direction / Strategy / Design / Digital / Social Media